Never throw your glasses away

If for any reason your frames and/or lenses are damaged, Please bring them in to see if they are repairable or have a warranty.

Manufacture defects that are not repairable will be repaired at no additional cost one time during a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. (Unless otherwise told at time of purchase)

Though polycarbonate is an extremely impact-resistant material, polycarbonate eyeglass lenses can be scratched. Polycarbonate eyeglass lenses come with a one time warranty against scratches for a 12 month span. SCRATCHES CANNOT BE BUFFED OUT.

Insurance Spectacle Coverage 

Insurance typically will cover 1 pair of glasses within a 12 month span or 1 with in each calendar year  

Medicaid/ T-19 insurance allows a maximum of 1 pairs of glasses within a 12 month span and a 2nd pair for replacement.


The right fit can make a good pair of glasses feel great. Take your glasses home, and if for any reason they don’t feel right to you, bring them back and we’ll be happy to make any adjustments. We replace nose pads and screws at no charge.