Pediatric Eye Associates and Family Eye Care is a full service ophthalmology practice caring for the entire spectrum of ocular problems. Our ophthalmologists treat both children and adults for emergencies, complex medical and surgical problems, and regular eye exams. We also prescribe glasses and contact lenses for a myriad of vision problems for the entire family.

Eye Exams:
Our ophthalmologists perform routine eye exams on children of all ages as well as adults. Many children are referred to our office after failing a vision screening exam at school or at the pediatrician’s office. Often, the child needs only glasses to correct a vision problem. It is important to note that with vision, children are not just little adults. They present unique problems in communication and cooperation for physicians. Our pediatric ophthalmologists, orthoptists, and opticians are specially trained and equipped to diagnose and treat each child. In addition, our optometrists offer complete evaluations for older family members and adults in the Green Country area.

Optical Shop and Eyewear:
Our office offers a complete optical shop to supply glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, prisms and other optical needs for your entire family. The certified opticians at Kid’s Point of View have over 30 years of experience assisting children of all ages in obtaining the very best optical wear for their individual needs. Kid’s Point of View has the largest selection of children’s frames in Tulsa as well as adult frames for everyone in your family.

Medical and Surgical Evaluations:
We treat the entire spectrum of ophthalmologic pathology. The most common problem we see is ocular alignment and movement disorders (strabismus). Adults and children may have eyes that turn inward, outward, or are vertically misaligned. Whether the problem requires optical correction, medical treatment, or surgery, our specialists offer the very best care. Additionally, children may have tear drainage problems, droopy eyelids, tumors, and even cataracts or glaucoma. Each of these problems as well as others, require special diagnostic and treatment modalities offered by our pediatric ophthalmologists.

Orthoptic Evaluation and Therapy:
Pediatric Eye Associates and Family Eye Care offers Tulsa’s only certified orthoptists. Orthoptists are specialists in evaluating and treating ocular muscle imbalances and amblyopia. Children often require muscle exercise therapy and/or patching therapy to develop or regain appropriate vision, binocular tracking, and control. Our orthoptic clinic is busy each day training patients to improve their eye alignment and control with prisms and exercises. Utilizing these therapies can often prevent the need for surgery or glasses.

If you think that your child has a visual or ocular problem, let our pediatric ophthalmologists and specialists help! Your child’s vision is very important to his or her development and learning. We ensure that each child has the best vision and ocular function that can be obtained. With our diagnostic and treatment ability, we offer your entire family the best in optical, medical, and surgical care for all ophthalmological needs.

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